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We follow Scrum and Agile process for performing the entire project and to ensure that high-quality product is delivered on time. A dedicated Scrum Master for communication is allotted along with testers to ensure the quality of the product until the project is completed.

Your source code will always be yours. Either completion of the project or based on achieving milestone, we will submit the source code to you. We sign software development service agreements, this will keep your rights stumped onto for payments and more, not to worry.

Yes, but we won't provide you full source code before the completion of the payment to protect our rights.

For both the Web and Mobile application, we prefer to use latest and trending technologies.

Web: Angular/ React / NodeJS / Laravel

Mobile: React Native / PWA / Flutter / iPhone native/ Android native/ Ionic

Backend: Postgres / MongoDB / MariaDB / SQL Server

Yes, we have in-house design team as well as the QA team along with development teams.

Our experts will help you to recognize a correct business model, based on the project size and a project plan.

Yes, but with a minimal hourly charge; We offer you our expertise to build your plans.

Yes, we follow AGILE methods depending on project size and type.

Yes - All the information shared by our client for development purposes is the property of our client. We always keep them highly confidential.

Once the initial formalities are fulfilled, we will start working on your project within two or three business days.

We follow the agile working methodology. We will provide a detailed report of the sprint status as and when needed once the project gets started. Additionally, we will keep you updated all the time via mail, and other communication & project management tools such as Jira, Slack & Trello.

Yes. We have our own development center.

Yes - All project-related work created for you by the team is the sole and exclusive property of yours.

Probably no, but if you want then you can always check the system and share your feedback for same. Even we own an in-house testing team who will test the system along with the developer.

Yes, we will help you run basic commands to set up your server without any extra cost. For extensive support, you can hire our server experts on a contract basis.

Yes, that would be our service and part of our contract.

We use a secure authentication token system and encryption to store sensitive data.

From the beginning of the project, you are provided with a project/sprint plans with approximate dates for deliverables so you can plan your day to check work. To show our periodic progress we normally give updates on weekly or every 2 weeks.

We will assign a project manager to your project who will talk with you on behalf of the team and will provide you all updates and manage the project till its deployment. This will make sure to convey your point to a single person only rather than multiple team members.

Yes, we provide a free support period once the app goes live. Paid support with nominal rates is provided after the free support period is expired.

Once 100% payment is cleared, you will be the owner of all source code.

All third-party fees would be on you.

MAB Technologies head office is in Colombo, Srilanka and having its international presence in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore and more.

We have experts of 25 agile developers over various technologies. Our developers have a wide range of knowledge in angular, React, Node, Laravel, .NET, Android, iOS, as well as talented Solution Architect, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and more…

We do not follow any complex procedure.

We maintain a simple process so that you can get into the procedure at any time with your suggestions, requirements, and to maintain standards.

Following is our work flowchart: We do this for each sprint.

Step 1: Requirement gathering and analyzing

Step 2: Finding the right solution for your problem

Step 3: Developing Model design and framing

Step 4: Development of your solution

Step 5: Testing & QA the application

Step 6: Deployment of the application and ensure the correctness

Step 7: Support

MAB Technologies is a Process oriented company with expertise in cutting edge technologies. We follow agile methodology to execute the project. We deliver the best and quality of projects. We believe in Honest and transparent communication. We ensure we are creating a high level of user interface. To know more about our work and expertise visit the portfolio.

We open all the ways for you to communicate with us, whether paid or unpaid. We are available on call to reach directly. We are active on all internet communication tools such as Skype, Mails, WhatsApp and more.

We contact Honest and Transparent communication through agility.

Yes, we always make sure we are there for discussion and explanations as per your time zone. We always have alternate ways to this, so you need not worry about the time zone and our availability

Surely yes, we will be there for you to provide the support and maintenance of your project if you need it.

MAB Technologies has successfully completed 3+ years in this industry.

Payment is based on the milestones of the project, so after the successful completion of each milestone, you will complete the payment for that milestone. We need an advance to kick start the project.

We have successfully completed over 50 projects with all happy clients all over the world!

No! We are comfortably worked with clients all over the world with different time zone and we coordinate with clients to get the job done in a very efficient way.

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